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The Paradigm Junction Project


Blue Planet Governance

A Story to live by




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We live on this small blue dot –     – our home as seen from space






Our Vision Statement…






The era of global tragedy of the commons ends.

The new paradigm begins when Interdependent Regional Governments unite!

To form a chaordic organization called,

the United Regions

Where coordinated expertise in Earth Science, Human-Nature and Economics,

Provide Regional Governments Guidance to Maximize Real Wealth:


Real wealth is a measurement of a robust ecology

and of the general health and happiness of the people!




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Chapters of

Paradigm Junction









The New Story



Bio Of The Writer



The Triad



2b-Dynamic Systems






3b-Paradigm Flaws



4a-Those Who Envision



4b-Dynamic Societies 050APC






4d-The View From 050APC






5a-Are We Ready To Enact?



5b-Chapter And Verse



6a-Our Journey Into Today












Paradigm Junction Project is the first initiative of the

Gaia Preservation Coalition, whose core purpose is to be:


A gathering place for people who consciously acknowledge the human predicament and who seek with others its resolution through the creation and exploration of ideas and actions that move Humanity toward a more harmonious relationship within Gaia. 



Blue Planet Governance

a story to live by….




The Blue Planet Governance story is being developed, for an early 2017 presentation.  A view of the macro economic system proposed is given in the last half of a presentation made at the June 2016 cnference of the International Society of BioPhysical Economics (ISBE), in Washington DC, June 2016.  The paper is titled, Dynamic Regulation of Human Activity threour BioPhysical Economics.





The story of our future is based on the chapters of the web booklet, Paradigm Junction, linked at the left side of this page.




A final thought about our journey toward Blue Planet Governance was expressed by Prof. Lester Milbrath’s ‘89 book, Envisioning a Sustainable Society

Our common journey promises to be challenging and exciting even though difficult.  It will be much easier and more likely successful if we face it optimistically with a deep understanding of the pace and character of social transformation.  Those given the gift of understanding will become the conscious mind of the biocommunity, a global mind that will guide and hasten the transformation.  Those who understand what is happening to our world are not free to shrink from this responsibility.