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The name Blue Planet Club is chosen to bring our focus toward the pale blue dot, as planet Earth appears when seen from deep space.  The pale blue dot name was suggested by cosmologist Carl Sagan in hopes that the fragile appearance of humanity’s only home may arouse within us the emotional and spiritual response need to help us deal with the deteriorating state of our natural world. 


Within the surface, the atmosphere and the oceans of our small blue planet the web of life is sometimes referred to as Gaia, or Mother Nature.  During the human evolutionary journey we became the top predator.  In the relatively brief 250 year non-renewable fossil fuel era the top predator has been able to populate virtually every land masses on Earth while our populations have grown from about 1 billion to 7.6 billion.


In this period the extinction rate of our fellow species has increased by about the same factor.  Every day the ‘endangered’ list grows as the expanding human footprint continues to fragment the Blue Planet’s web of life. 


Clearly, our collective human-activity is far beyond the limits to growth on our small blue planet.  ‘Growth’ has become endemic in our industrial societies.  Our corporations measure success by their rate of ‘growth’ in economic gain for their shareholders.  Our governments measure success as ‘growth’ in human-activity – more jobs, more people and more resource and energy throughput. And ‘Growth’ in human population is encouraged by some religions. 


That we need a change in the nature of human governance is not a new idea:

The industrial context in which we presently function cannot be changed significantly in the immediate future.  Our immediate survival is bound up in this context, with all its benefits as well as its destructive aspects. What is needed, however, is a comprehensive change in the control and direction of the energies available to us.  Most of all we need to alter our commitment from an industrial wonderland achieved by plundering processes to an integral Earth community based on a mutual enhancing human-earth relationship.  This move from an anthropocentric sense of reality and values to a biocentric norm is essentially.   Rev. Thomas Berry – ‘88 Dream of the Earth


Today’s independent national governments fail to respond to our global crisis. Why?


There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than by the creation of a world government.    Albert Einstein


Einstein’s comment suggests that creation of a Blue Planet Government is what we must do!


Today there is a growing sense of ecological grief that has helped spawn the thousands of rivers of Non-Governmental change Organizations (NGOs) each attempting to bring corrective change to one or another of the vast array of global issue that confront us.  Could these rivers of change converge into a comprehensive sea-change?


Presuming there could be such a convergence, the next page provides a sketch of a model system of governance that might emerge after a chaotic period of paradigm change.  The sketch is based on many diverse building blocks that have been put forward by several of today’s concerned NGOs.


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